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In order to ensure the security of life of users, the elevators should have the maximum security measures and the service and maintenance operations should be performed with great diligence. With our expert team and professional equipment, we perform our elevator maintenance services with this awareness and responsibility.


    The elevator is a work that makes life easier and works continuously. Although it seems like a simple operation, it is necessary to regularly control and maintain this machine, which is made up of many complicated parts. To ensure the safety of the users, the safety measures must be at the highest level and service and maintenance must be done with great care. With its professional staff and professional equipments, your elevator service and maintenance services are fulfilled with this awareness and responsibility.


    Development of KRD Automation, Maintenance Service, is an automation system developed by KRD Elevator for high level of customer satisfaction. It is the process of dividing the elevators into certain elements and controlling the processes of these sections by means of hand terminals. Especially, it is a service of forming a profile by recording the identification information of elevators in detail and recording all kinds of maintenance, repair and breakdown services carried out within service periods (lifetimes).


    As technology improves, the machines that determine the quality of our everyday life, such as tools and elevators we use, also change. Existing units and equipment that you use for performance upgrades of lifts that are inadequate in daylight conditions can be examined by our engineers and modernized according to your desired direction. The elevator with modernization does not just come up with an aesthetic innovation. Security standards are also passed on to the danger by adapting in time. In addition, you will increase the quality and standards of service.

    Whatever the quality of the material used, the elevator falls into an inefficient situation in a short period of time if the installation is not done carefully. It is a chronic burden in terms of both material and moral for the companies which are frequently found and which are mainly caused by installation errors, repairing and repairing and also for the users.